Stylish for Less: Plaid

Yesterday I blogged about how I was looking forward to Fall and Fall fashion. I shared a few of my Fall fashion inspiration pictures that I have found around the web. Today, I am continuing with that theme of looking ahead to Fall fashion in my #stylishforless post. One item that I immediately think of when it comes to Fall fashion is a cute plaid shirt. These button up shirts are perfect for creating a Fall layered look. You can easily wear them over a pretty colored tee or tank and transition that item from Summer to Fall. Plaid shirts are also beautiful because of the array of colors you can find them it. Everyone can find one that they like. Below I have some of my favorite picks for a plaid shirt and all are below $40! You don't have to go with just your standard button up plaid shirt either. You can find them with crochet or lace details.
In Fall plaid is everywhere on everything. I have seen several items recently across the web that I like that are plaid. Some of my favorites are the plaid shoes! I just love these and these.

Stylish for Less Plaid

Blue Plaid Top $39.99 - Crochet Shoulder Plaid Top $34.90
Splatter Plaid Top $14.99 - Lace Plaid Top $39.99

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  1. Styled my plaid top around my waist! Turned my outfit into a cute and stylish! Keep in touch! x


  2. I love tartan..it comes in so many patterns and colours :))) Good to see it back out in fashion too :)) xx

  3. As soon as I saw your first image I immediately thought of autumn. I think we are going to be seeing a lot of plaid around and I particularly like the rich, deep berry shades.

  4. I love me some plaid for Fall and Winter! I'm chomping at the bit to pull them out of my closet!

    Fizz and Frosting

  5. Love plaid for fall- so cozy. Great picks! :)


  6. I am almost embarrassed by the amount of plaid shirts I own–they're just so cozy, and easy to dress up or down!

  7. Haha, you could thrift tons of plaid too, it's like the entire 70s. Even cheaper!


  8. LOVE that sparkly one on the bottom!

  9. I like the plaid loafers. And it's on sale! :-)



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