If The Shoe Fits: Keds

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If The Shoe Fits: Keds
I haven't owned a pair of Keds since I was a kid, but recently in my search for a pair or two of casual shoes I have fallen for the cheerful colors and fun prints Keds is offering. A pair of Keds like these (my current favorites) would be great item to incorporate into any spring wardrobe. Plus, with winter finally ending I need a pair of comfy shoes for all of the time I plan to spend outside enjoying the sunshine. I also think these would make a stylish shoe to prevent blisters while vacationing. Check out more of my favorites including these (I have a soft spot for nautical prints) below.

If The Shoe Fits: Keds

Keds for Kate Spade Painterly Lemons / Champion Knots / Champion Bow Stripe / Champion Finches / Keds for Kate Spade Cork / Gingham Lace (more colors here) / Champion Florals

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  1. I remember wearing these in highschool, love the first pair and the last ones too :) x

  2. I love them! Keds (buddies we call them) just make my feet look right. They fit correctly as my feet are long and narrow.

  3. So cute!! I had a pair of white keds but they've gotten too dirty to wear :( I might just have to buy a replacement pair that's a bit more colorful!

    xo, B

  4. I've been wanting to get a pair of floral Keds. These are all so cute!

  5. KEDS!!! Yes!


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