What to Wear: Tropical Print

How to Wear a Tropical Print

What to Wear: Tropical Print After the cold, dreary Winter that we have had, I am ready for clear skies and sunny days. A tropical print is the perfect to wear if you want to chase away those Winter blues and usher in some cheerful Spring. I, personally, love the colorfulness that tropical prints come in. The bold, rich colors in a tropical print are breathtaking and easily make a statement. Not up for the bright colors? You can find a great tropical print in pastels or neutrals too!
When it comes to tropical prints you really have several ways you can go with the look. You can have a great tropical print and then keep the rest of the look in neutrals. This is definitely the way to go if you aren't sure what colors to pair with your print. Also, if you just aren't sure about wearing a tropical print this is a great way to start out until you are ready to go all out with your print. The second way is to take your tropical print and pick one or two colors from it for the rest of your look. Then when you are comfortable with the tropical print paired with other bold colors, you can start mixing patterns and pair your tropical print with other patterns.
Personally, I think tropical prints are bold and beautiful. I like to let them be the focus of the look, so I pair them with neutrals and simple gold accessories. How do you wear your tropical prints?

What to Wear: Tropical Print

Tropical Print Jacket - Gold Stud Earrings - Marc Jacobs Daisy Perfume - Slim Gold Crystal Bangle - Blue Nine West Pumps - Dolce and Gabbana Metallic Gold Nail Polish - Bodycon Dress

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  1. Loving the entire look :D

    Really nice color as well!!!

    Got a new post up and can’t wait to see your opinion!

    Happy Week!


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  2. Love those tropical print trousers in the first picture, so pretty xx

  3. awesome pants! great look ':)


  4. love those fun pants! I have some tropical Kate Spade jeans that I was literally thinking of wearing last night. you've inspired me to pull 'em out!

    Lady à la Mode

  5. Very chic! Tropical print can go so wrong but this is all very right!

  6. I love a tropical print with neutrals!

  7. I love the orange skirt. It's so bright and fun.

  8. i guess living in hawaii i've always associated tropical prints with tourists and stayed away from them. but last year i did see a few that i would wear...maybe i'll pick up an item this year :)

  9. The tropical trend is more intresting for the spring :)

  10. I don't see myself wearing the tropical print. I'm not a big print person.


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