DIY Hair Ties

DIY Hair Ties Supplies
Fold Over Elastic

1. Cut off an 8-10 inch long piece of fold over elastic, depending on how thick your hair is.
2. Fold in half.
3. Knot.
4. You need to seal the edges of the hair tie, use the lighter to singe them.

These hair ties were so easy to make. Tracy and I ended up making a lot of these very quickly. I did the calculations and we made our hair ties for under 9 cents a piece. You pay dollars for these at a store! We have already ordered some more fold over elastic so that we can make more in a variety of colors and patterns.

If you like the glittery jewelry dishes we have the hair ties sitting on in this picture, you can find the DIY information here.


  1. Carinissimi !!! Kiss
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  2. So pretty dolls, I love hair ribbons. Perfect for the summer time :)) xx

  3. These are great ideas and ideal as summer approaches. Great to take on holiday too when I regularly tie back my hair.

  4. great DIY. I got some of these for Christmas one year from a blogger friend.

  5. people have been selling these like crazy. great to know how to do it.

  6. loooove this idea. these kind of hairties are fabulous since they don't get knotted in my hair. love these discount version!

  7. I started wondering why people purchase ribbon hair ties they can diy for $10 from drug stores after reading this post!!

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