Color Blocking with Heels

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Color Blocked Heels

Nine West Heels My Favorites! Only $55 - Cobalt and Turquoise Peep Toe Heels
Blue Color Blocked Heels - Two Tone Orange/Lilac Pumps love the orange
Vintage Inspired Pumps - Two Tone Oxford Heels

Tracy and I both love shoes. We both have tons of shoes under our beds and in our closets. We love to buy different styles and different colors of shoes like wedges, Keds, and rain boots. Shoes really are an important part of an outfit. With my job, as a teacher, I have to have comfortable shoes, but I want them to be beautiful too. I love shoes that are bright bold colors, while Tracy prefers neutrals, pinks, and sparkly shoes.
Right now, I am really loving color blocked items, especially color blocked heels. I love bold bright colors paired together like in these heels and I am also a fan of color blocked neutrals. You really can't go wrong either way. The neutrals would work with any look and with the bolder colors just pair them up with one color from the color blocking.

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  1. First one in the second row.

  2. these shoes are gorgeous!!!!! color blocked heels are perfection and i love your outfit

    Alexa <3

  3. These shoes are too precious, love the colour blocking on them. I have some old black shoes, makes me think to get some paint and do this with them!! So pretty xx

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