DIY Celery Stamp Rose Artwork

Celery stamp rose paintings
DIY Celery Stamp Rose Artwork
A little known fact about me is that I received my only C ever in 5th grade art class. It devastated me and had a lasting effect that lead to me avoiding all future art classes. These paintings are easy and fun to make, take only minutes, and fortunately require no artistic skills. Now I only need a couple white picture frames to display my work.

supplies for celery stamp rose paintings

Card Stock
Celery Bases
Paper Plates

1. Pour some paint in the paper plates.
2. Dab your celery bases with a paper towel to remove excess moisture.
3. Lightly coat the cut side of the celery with paint. You may need to do a couple practice roses on a separate sheet of paper to remove excess paint.
4. Use the celery to apply the rose pattern onto the your card stock.
5. Allow your artwork to dry.
diy celery stamp rose paintings
diy celery stamp rose artwork


  1. Love it! Will look great framed as wall art.

  2. I LOVE how you created this and I'm guessing I got an F in art class, but I definitely don't remember. I think they're so simple how you kept the white background and framed would look so nice in a room or office. Frames make such a big difference. :)


  3. those are so pretty. i never did well in art either. hahaha so don't feel bad.


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