Stylish for Less: Cobalt

Cobalt Ankle Trousers $29 (perfect for work) - Blossom Collar Necklace $44 - Cobalt Crepe Pencil Dress $39 - Jersey Tube Dress $27 - Ballet Flat $21.99 - Crinkle Midi Skirt $39 (Beautiful Midi Skirt)

Stylish for Less: Cobalt Right now, one of my favorite colors is cobalt blue. After green, blue has always had some of my favorite shades in it. Cobalt is such a rich, bold color. That is why this week's #stylishforless is all about cobalt items. All of these items would be perfect for Spring and they are less than $50 each. I am always looking for items that fit my style and that I can also wear to work. This cobalt skirt would be perfect. I could make it work in a casual look or dressed up for work. What do you think about this color?


  1. I want that Dorothy Perkins skirt!

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  2. I just got a cobalt top and love it! I can't wait to style it! It's such a gorgeous bold color!


  3. I love cobalt! That pencil dress looks awesome.

  4. I love cobalt, and the skinny ankle pants are right up my alley.


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