6 Tips For An Amazing And Successful Staycation

tips for a great staycation
6 Tips For An Amazing And Successful Staycation
I love to travel but cannot get away nearly as much as I would like due to a variety of reasons including watching my budget and time constraints. When I need a break but cannot get out of town for a vacation I have established the habit of having a staycation.

Although I will always likely have a permanent case of wanderlust I have come to appreciate the perks of a staycation. A staycation allows me to save money, explore my local area, avoid the hassles that accompany traveling, and end my holiday well rested. Over the last few years I have discovered a few helpful tips to fully enjoying a staycation.

Tip #1 // Start off in a vacation state of mind. Mark your staycation on your calendar. Wrap up any work that needs to be done before your staycation starts and do not bring any work home. Also in the days leading up to your staycation make sure your house is clean and you have all of the errands you need to do for the next few days complete. You don’t clean or run to the drycleaners while on vacation so you shouldn’t during your staycation either.

Tip #2 // Unplug. Turn off your laptop and cell phone off. I suggest spending most of your staycation avoiding social media. Don’t let anyone know you are staying home for your vacation.

Tip #3 // Have a plan. I cannot stress the importance of having a plan. Preplan meals, choose a couple activities you want to do each day, have a book to read and some movies chosen to watch, and block out time each day to relax.

Tip #4 // Explore your local area. Do some research on what is available in your area. A few activities of my favorite staycation activities are: visiting a local pool, taking a day to explore a museum, going to a drive-in movie, and shopping at a farmer’s market for picnic necessities. There are some beautiful parks near my home with a lot of trails for hiking and some parks even have events like Free Friday Flicks or Shakespeare in the Park. During my next staycation I plan to visit the planetarium. Consider even taking a mini roadtrip to a nearby town.

Tip #5 // Treat yourself. Although many times staycations are meant to save money it is important to splurge a little so it feels like an authentic vacation. Before your staycation set aside a budget for splurging on something like a spa treatment or an amazing meal at an upscale restaurant.

Tip #6 //Document your staycation. Take pictures, send postcards, and pick up a couple souvenirs during your outings. You want evidence of all the great memories you created.

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  1. This is such a great post! Good tips that I will take on as well :)
    Nice blog :)

    New post is up check it out :)

  2. We do this as well! We live right next to Cincinnati, so we'll go to Findlay market and get some noms for a lovely dinner at home followed by a stroll down to the Roebling bridge.

  3. Lovely tips! I think that the mindset one is really good

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  4. These are good tips! This actually makes a really good companion piece to my post today about wanderlust :)

  5. So many useful tips. One of the best things about a staycation is definitely finding out more about the local area as we so often take it for granted.

  6. These are great tips, I've honestly never decided to have a stay cation, but what a great idea!

  7. Oh yes unplugging and treating yourself is key, I try to do both when I can.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  8. It's great timing that I read your post because I just spent the past two hours driving myself crazy about what to do this long weekend. I'm going to be in the city and everything feels so...normal. Thanks for the tips!


  9. great tipps sweety, thank you for sharing!


  10. Great tips! Have a nice one! Caroline


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