Stylish for Less: Prints Under $50

Betsey Johnson Floral Baseball Cap $28 gorgeous print - Mint Polka Dot Scarf $7.99 - Steve Madden Animal Print Sunglasses $38 - Leopard Print Flats $24.99 LOVE these - Marc Jacobs Geometric Print iPhone Case $40.97 - Floral Sneakers $14.99 Floral Canvas Backpack $39.90 adorable - Floral Jumpsuit $29 - Jungle Print Dress $29 - Black Floral Print Jeans $5.99 check out that price!

Stylish for Less: Prints Under $50 Several years ago I did not wear very many items with prints. Other than the basic polka dot and the striped print, I did not branch out. Now, I love all prints. To me it doesn't matter if it is polka dots, stripes, floral, jungle, animal, or geometric. This week's #stylishforless is all about prints that you can add to your closet for less than $50. Did you notice those prices above? I mean floral jeans for only $5.99! That is a steal! I believe everyone should have a variety of prints in their closet that they can count on as go to pieces. What are your thoughts?


  1. That jumpsuit is perfect, I need it in my life!

    This was a great post, I’ll be back for more :)

    I hope you can check my blog out too sometime.


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  2. I need new leopard print slide on shoes. My new puppy went to town on mine!

  3. These are awesome! Love the jungle print dress!

  4. Love these fun florals! :)


  5. These prints are all fabulous and the under $50 price tag make them even better. Love the leopard print slip ons.

    Rowena @ rolala loves


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