Chit Chat: Moving

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Chit Chat: Moving
I have lived in the same small neighborhood outside the same small town my entire life except for when I was attending college and then law school. I love where I live. It is a close-knit community. I am surrounded by family including many members of my extended family. I am not sure any other place could ever feel like home but despite this lately I have been contemplating whether moving would be the right move for me.

The thought of moving is terrifying and to be completely honest the first month I moved away to college and again when I moved for law school I was convinced that I needed to quite and move home. I was lonely, homesick, and convinced that I needed to pack up so I could head back home. Thankfully, I stuck it out and both times I ended up loving the experience, making some great friends, and loving the time I spend at both places.

Right now my future is so up in the air. I have been trying to figure out what I should be doing and job searching for a while now but while living in a small town has its many perks available opportunities is not always one of them.

Maybe a move, with a fresh start, a different surrounding is what I need. Numerous places have ran through my mind. Places like Savannah GA, Charleston SC, and Raleigh NC keep appearing on the top of my list. While moving isn't something I am ready to commit to it is something that I have finally accepted that I need to seriously consider.

Have you ever moved far away from your "home"? Where you brave enough to move to another state? Across country? Halfway around the globe? Do you have any tips on how to decide or what factors should be considered?

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  1. I have moved across to the other side of the world, haha. From a small town in Michigan to the United Kingdom, it was a huge change, but one I am so pleased I did and I would never move back, I love it here, it is my new home really. Sometimes you have to jump in and take the chance. The world is a huge place and I could have never seen as much of it as I have now if I would have stayed behind in the small town!! xx

  2. Moving is a huge decision especially if you are used to a close-knit community. I lived in France for a year several years ago ( moving away from a town in the North of England) and I have to say it was an amazing experience. It's surprising how quickly you make friends through work. I have so many happy memories.

  3. Only lived in NYC for about 3 months for some post grad schooling at NYU. It was an experience that changed my life and I loved every expensive minute of it. Either way you will find your grove and it will be great. :-)

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  4. I keep begging my Husband for us to move to SC! We'd practically be neighbors!

  5. i left the islands to live in colorado for a year. no research, no money, a little scary (ok, a lot scary) but best experience ever. moving away is a great experience....and you can always come back home :)

  6. I have moved a lot. I wish I could say it get easier with each move but it doesn't. I wish you best if luck in whatever you decide to do. One fun thing about move it exploring you new city and decorating your house.


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