Wall Decals

Wall Decals
Beautiful and long-lasting wall art stickers:

Easy wall stickers have become one of the most popular items for home decor and furnishing not only in the urban areas, but also in 6the rural areas. Hotels, hospitality sector, schools, nursing homes, colleges, and creches, even boarding schools nowadays use wall art stickers to decorate the room of the students, and the boarding members. Wall art is not just restricted to paintings only, but it also includes wall stickers, decals, wall murals and many other accessories to decorate walls of houses and institutions. Wall art stickers are available both in online and offline shopping portals, and they have become part and parcel of every household, whether it is in UK, or in USA.

Wall art and the method of room furnishing:

The basic fact about wall art stickers is that, they are trendy, stylish, and they are available in a lot of colors and designs. They are generally liked by individuals of all ages, and children along with their parents always order for good quality my wall decals from different shops in the country. In the furnishing and fabric industry wall art stickers have become very popular and almost all of many friends have ordered for good quality wall art stickers for their bedrooms, living rooms, drawing rooms, and for the rooms of their children, among which living room wall stickers are the most popular.

Some of the most popular image prints for wall art stickers are included below:

• Garden trees, inverted flowers and the theme of twigs, leaves, branches, and singing birds. Wall art stickers and decals are very popular in the nursery schools, where children are especially fond of stickers that have animal, or clown or cartoon prints.
• For the bedrooms, it is important to include such wall art stickers which will glow in the dark, thus creating a photogenic effect, or it is also my opinion that wall art stickers can be reflected the best when they are seen not through neon lights, but through CFL lamps, and LED lights.
• Wall art stickers of masks, demons, psychedelic animals, and tattoo prints are also quite famous in many of the western and European countries, and we are no exception. I was so delighted to find out a wall art sticker on contemporary film stars, and their masked appearance, that I bought one set for myself, and another for my friend.
• Sometimes, there are movable and immovable wall art stickers which are a new combination of color, creativity, and geometric design and textures contents. For instance, I have got a pair of wall sticker sheets which look just like the table lamps which have been put in the corners of my room, and I feel that they create an awesome contrast by highlighting the real light from the lamp, and the color from the wall stickers.

The cost effective nature and facilities provided by wall art stickers:

As it is now, that wall art stickers are one of the most affordable room furnishing and decorating accessories. It protects the wall and it also has certain other functions like:

• Sometimes some messages in the form of street art are displayed on the wall stickers. They can be romantic love poems, some lullaby for the children, some funny messages which are printed on the stickers, and also some deep and profound lines, which are generally philosophical in nature.
• Wall art stickers protect the wall from moisture, unnecessary sedimentation, soot, dirt, cobwebs, and a lot of other things which can damage the wall.
• They are easily removable so there is no need to pate them on the wall, with the help of glue.
• These stickers can camouflage minor disproportions on the walls of the room, and their variety also sparks up the creative spirit within an individual.
• They are very good because they act as protective shields for small children who are prone to get hurt by banging their heads on the walls of the room. The wall stickers can instantly divert their attention, and they can also indulge into some form of creativity by looking at the wall art stickers and imagining their own world.

Wall art stickers and advertising:

Wall art stickers are also used by advertising agencies to deliver a message to the consumers on a certain product. For instance, a shoe or a shampoo company can create some innovative wall art sticker in the form of portraits, or landscape designs, to deliver the sales message.

So, I think all of us should try out the new designs of wall art stickers, at least for once.


  1. I just bought a decal that looks like the gold picture frame peep hole cover from Monica's apartment in fRiends. I love it! And If I didn't...it's a decal and I can remove it!

  2. I have the second as shown above, wall sticker in my daughters' bedroom!

  3. I've noticed that wall art stickers have really become popular. It's so easy to transform a room. You have chosen some great ones here.

  4. These wall art sticker are too cute. Growing up I had some in my bedroom.

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