The Sunday Edition

The Sunday Edition These boots are gorgeous!

What girl wouldn't love this sparkle?

This leather jacket is stunning.

Check out Elle's 5 Fall Beauty Trends. I want that nail polish!

Next weekend I really want to try Raquel's recipe for Baked Peaches with Vanilla Bean Icing.

I would love the clutch shared in the Fall Essentials post by Navy & Orange.

I agree with Rachel that Rain Boots are essential for Fall. Don't you agree?

Vogue's 5 Best Lipsticks for Fall

Beauty Reset: 7 Ways To Freshen Up For Fall

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  1. Love the boots, I really need to work on my walking in heels skills!

  2. I was just wearing my rain boots early today.

  3. Love all those rain boots! Definitely need to get me some!

  4. Two links immediately caught my eye. Five fall beauty trends and the baked peaches. I'm popping over there now!

  5. I hope you had a wonderful weekend. This selection is wonderful. I love a bit of sparkle, those boots are gorgeous, I'm on hunt for new pair of boots. Great fall essentials!
    Thank's god I'm sorted with rain boots. They're essential living in Ireland.

    xoxo Ra


  6. Checking out some of those beauty tips now!

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