Gifts Under $50

Gifts Under $50 Gifts when your Christmas shopping list is larger than your bank account. Gifts that show you care without your wallet taking a hit. Chic finds for the budget minded Christmas shopper. These gifts are all under $50.

This gift guide includes a whimsical and stylish swan print midi skirt, a timeless and classic gold watch, and some beautiful and sparkly glitter stud earrings.

gift ideas under $50 Christmas gifts under $50
Tassel Scarf $15.17 beat the cold - Gold Classic Watch $23 - Panda Flats #34.99 - Pearl Necklace $29.99 love this - Tortoise Cat Eye Sunglasses $24.95 - Crossbody Bag $22.90 - Pleated Dress $38.99 - Copper Vase $9.95 - Lily Candle Holder Set $19.95 - Places to Go Coffee Table Book $40 - Bow Backless Top check out surprise back! - Gold Striped Dress $48.99 beautiful shimmer - Pom Pom Beanie $24.95 - Kate Spade Emerald Earrings $38 - Leopard Clutch $5.90 - Striped Dress $34.99 - Coach Poppy Perfume $48 great scent - Black and Cream Mary Janes $27.99 - Glitter Kate Spade Studs $38 gorgeous - Swan Midi Skirt $23.33 - Satchel $25

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  1. Wow, so many good gift ideas! This reminds me I really need to get motivated on organizing my Christmas shopping list....

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  2. I'd be happy with any of these, so pretty! My family doesn't do gifts for adults, and my husband's family usually does functional stuff like kitchen gadgets. I love whimsical, pretty things.

  3. You've picked some lovely gifts, whoever you're buying for this year will no doubt be very happy! I have just featured a similar pair of animal flats as shown in this post on my blog .. and I love the striped dress above! :)



  4. Great bargain finds! That green dress is too pretty! I love the panda flats, too.

  5. Oh those emerald earring are gorgeous! And I definitely could use those cozy knit right now. It is way too cold in New York.



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