What To Wear: To Art Class

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What to Wear: To Art Class
Cardigan / Floral T Shirt (beautiful colors) / Crystal Studs / Givenchy Lipstick in Rose Dahlia / Pendant Necklace / Coin Purse / Adventure iPhone Case (adorable!) / Boyfriend Jeans / Satchel / Woven Sneakers

Jessica and I have recently started attending an art class. It has been a great experience, especially for someone who began avoiding all art classes after a bad experience in elementary school. One thing I have learned is not to wear anything expensive to art class and I also avoid wearing anything with long sleeves (if I didn't I would likely get them in the paint). Since it is still cold outside I like to wear a cardigan that I can remove before class starts over a t-shirt. This colorful t-shirt is only $7. This iPhone case is one of my favorite recent finds. It doesn't fit my phone but if it did I would be snatching it up.


  1. Love this colorful attire!

    Check out my new post Here!!!

  2. Hello from Spain: great proposal. Keep in touch

  3. An art class! How fun!
    This look is very spring, and has me wishing for tulips and green leaves on the trees. :)

    Le Stylo Rouge


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