10 Easy Ways To Stand Out At Work

how to stand out at work
10 Easy Ways To Stand Out At Work
Getting noticed at work can take a lot more than showing up and doing your job well. If you want a chance to advance in your company, standing out at work is important. I have ten easy tips I am sure will help you shine and stand out at work.

TIP ONE // Do things without being asked. If you see something that needs to be done and no one is doing it, do it. Taking action on your own initiative will quickly get you in your boss' good graces.

TIP TWO // Do not be a wallflower in meetings. Get your ideas heard and contribute to the conversation.

TIP THREE // Take an interest in your colleagues. Praise your colleagues work. Also take a genuine interest when they talk about their lives and things that important to them. It is also a good idea to remember the names of their family members.

TIP FOUR // Get to know the support staff. Being kind to the support staff is important. Plus you may just be surprised by how knowledgeable these people are and how much pull they may have.

TIP FIVE // Be proactive. Do not wait for problems to arise instead find ways to avoid them.

TIP SIX // Do more than just the tasks included in your job requirements. Nothing is a substitute for hard work. If you are working harder than everyone else you will be impossible to ignore. Hard work and going above your job requirements will leave a good and lasting impression.

TIP SEVEN // Always be willing to help. Become that person that can be counted on to help. Also always be willing to volunteer. Your boss will love this about you.

TIP EIGHT // Never bad mouth your company or your boss. Nothing will make you look bad faster.

TIP NINE // Spruce up your closet. Dressing like you take your job seriously can greatly improve your job influence.

TIP TEN // Take the lead on projects (especially if no one else is stepping up). Silence does not get you noticed. By taking taking the lead on a project you show you are willing to tackle challenges and to make contributions. This can be especially helpful if the project is something no one else wants. You may end up your boss' hero.

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  1. Hello from Spain: fabulous tips.Keep in touch

  2. This is such a great article! I love that someone posted a helpful feature on this. Often times, people just do what their paid to do and not won't really make much of an effort to be proactive. I love that you mentioned that here! xx

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  3. Great tips! These are definitely important things to keep in mind.

  4. Helpful tips to keep in mind thanks.

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  6. Great tips! I'd have to say my favorite is number nine!

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  7. I have to say this post is spot on. I try to do all these things all the time but don't always manage it, but i do try.

    Allie of ALLIENYC

  8. Great tips! I have found that a strong voice and opinion at company meetings really helps me stand out and get in other people's minds for promotions or new opportunities
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  9. Wow! So many great tips Jessica! Thanks for sharing! ;)

  10. Great, great tips! So useful and relatable. I especially like #1, #3, and #7, that will definitely not make you go unnoticed. Being friendly, helpful, and hard-working goes a long way. :)

  11. These are very great tips; thanks so much for sharing.

  12. Great ideas!


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