DIY Beautiful Washi Tape

easy DIY washi tape

DIY Beautiful Washi Tape
I love washi tape and I do mean love. I am a hoarder of it. Seriously, I have a huge collection of washi tape in all colors and print imaginable. It's great for crafting and decorating letters or cards. Letters and cards for a great way to show people you care or to just send them some words of encouragement. Taking a minute to add washi tape to the envelop just makes it that much more special for the person you are sending it too.

When I discovered how to make your own washi tape, I was thrilled. This is such an easy process and so much cheaper than actually buying washi tape. Plus, this way you can find prints and colors you love and turn them into tape.

make your own washi tape

Wax Paper
Double Sided Tape
Tissue Paper or Wrapping Paper
Empty Paper Towel Roll

1. Gather your materials. When it comes to choosing your tissue paper or wrapping paper, I found that picking more metallic, shiny papers where easier to work with than regular tissue paper or wrapping paper. With the shiny papers it is easier to correct mistakes.
2. Pull off a sheet of wax paper to whatever length you want. This will determine the length of a roll of your tape. Attache one side of the double sided tape to the wax paper. Then cut this strip out.
3. Attach tissue paper/wrapping paper to the other side of the tape and then trim to fit the strip.
4. Cut a section of the paper towel roll off and wrap your newly created tape around the roll. I used a paper clip to hold my tape around the paper towel roll.

easy DIY


  1. Oh fun!! My sister would absolutely love this!! Thanks for sharing.

  2. This is a great idea for when you want something really specific. I love being able to customize the tape.


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