Incorporating British Design into the Home

When we purchase a home, the next big decision is how to style it. We usually ask ourselves what style we like or are comfortable with, as well as what style will look good and bring out the best features of the home. There are many designs and styles to choose from, among them being British design.

Features of British design

When it comes to interior design, there are various types of British design, each with its own unique features. There is the modern interior design style with features including clean lines and a primary focus on function. In terms of furniture, textures and colors, this style incorporates minimal textures, neutral colors with singular bold color accents, and furniture and accessories in bold geometrical forms.

There is also the Georgian interior design style, which features delicate furniture with ornate carvings, gilding and piercing. The fabrics used are usually luxurious, while the patterns and colors are kept subtle.

Another British interior design style is the Victorian style, which is described as luxurious and opulent. This style is known for its excessive use of flamboyant and ornate furniture, decorations and accessories.

Differences between modern British interior design and modern British design

While modern British interior design refers to the manner and style of decorating the interior of a home, British design refers to the architectural design of the homes. The design of modern British residential homes tends to be an updated version of the traditional Victorian or Tudor-era homes. The houses tend to have two living rooms, a kitchen, two large bedrooms upstairs, and a third smaller bedroom that is self-contained. The houses also usually have a garage.

How to make your home more “British”

Some ideas of how to incorporate British design into your modern home include making it as comfortable as possible. You can do this by having two small sofas, rather than one large one, so as to create cozy conversation areas and corners. You can also have a sofa in the kitchen, upholstered window seats, and measures to stop drafts such as curtains.

You should also reduce formality to a minimum by having some quirky and eccentric accessories such as a pendant light that is slightly off-center, or a collection of chairs that are mismatched. You should also seek to have a splash of bold color in your home, preferably in warm shades such as pink, yellow or orange.

Due to the small size of many British homes, the British tend to value storage space. In your home, you can incorporate furniture with added storage; this could include chests that double up as coffee tables, storage ottomans, a kitchen with open shelving, and slim bookshelves and cabinets in the hallway.

British home and interior design comes in various styles that allow you to choose what best suits your tastes. Thus, when seeking to incorporate British design into your home, be sure to follow the above tips, while adding some of the best of British accessories that reflect your own individual personality.

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