Casual Maxi Skirts

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Casual Maxi Skirts
As a teacher, I love having some free time in the Summer. I say some because I spend a lot of my summertime busy with school related stuff. I take classes to further my education and to earn my next degree. I'm busy with trainings that school scheduled before break began and busy planning and preparing for the next school year. What I love the most about Summer though, is that I don't have to dress up.

To me Summer is about casual, laid-back looks that express comfort and fun. Looks that show you are up for anything and are ready for a day of adventure. I have found myself loving maxi skirts with a casual top for Summer. All of the skirts above are from Shabby Apple. I love how each skirt could easily be dressed up but that all of these have gone for a more casual approach with a tee or other casual shirt. What are your thoughts?


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