DIY: Confetti Party Sticks

DIY: Confetti Party Sticks
This DIY it so easy to make and so much fun. I made these while watching some Netflix one evening. Stuffing the straws with confetti does take a little time, depending on how many you are going to do, but it is an easy task that you can accomplish while watching your favorite show. You can buy your confetti or make your own. I bought mine at the dollar store, I like that it is the metallic confetti. As for the straws, I purchased mine on Amazon. You just need to search milkshake straws or jumbo straws. For the confetti to easily fit you need thicker straws than you would normally use.

Once you have finished these you can use them for a variety of reasons. Are you throwing a party? Great now you have some pretty Confetti Party Sticks to use. Maybe you need to brighten your day? You can snip open one party stick and have fun. Want to add a little something extra to a letter you are sending your best friend? Cut open a confetti party stick and add some confetti!

Clear Milkshake Straws
Rubber Cement

1. Staple one end of the straw together and then stuff with confetti until full. Staple the other end together. Repeat until you have as many confetti party sticks made as you want.
2. Use the rubber cement to cover each end and then dip each end in the glitter of your choice. This gives the confetti party sticks a little more pizzazz and hides the staples you have at each end. I used several colors of glitter but you can use whatever you want.
3. When you are ready to use the confetti party stick, just use scissors to snip one end off and shake to fling the confetti out.


  1. these would be prefect for new years or birthday party's.

  2. Amazing post and after a long break I am officially back and thank you so much for your support!! I deeply appreciate it ;)
    My Lyfe ; My Story

  3. These are so majestic! Such a fab idea for summer-time <3

    Sophie | soinspo xo

  4. What a cute idea. Great for a New Years Eve party!


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