14 Items Every Woman Should Keep In Her Desk

essentials to keep in your desk
14 Items Every Woman Should keep in her desk
These days it feels like most of us spend more time at the office than we do at home. With as much time as I spend at work my desk has become a very important space to me. Even if you don't pretty much live at the office it is crucial to be prepared for unexpected meetings and emergencies. This is why I have prepared my list of 14 essentials every woman should keep in her desk.

ONE // Flats. Comfy shoes in a neutral color are a must for keeping in your desk for those days when your feet are killing you after putting in some long hours. These are my current favorites.

TWO // Back-Up Tech Supplies. We rely on our cell phones so much. I used to freak out when my battery started to get low at the end of the work day until I began keeping a phone charger at work. I have also found it helpful to keep a spare pair of ear buds in my desk.

THREE // Stain Remover. I keep Tide Pens To Go everywhere including in my desk. They prevent me from being embarrassed by any morning coffee or lunch mishaps.

FOUR // Feminine products. It is way better to keep these in your desk than to have to ask your coworker for a tampon.

FIVE // Umbrella. I keep one of these in my desk so that an unexpected rain storm doesn't have me showing up at a meeting across town soaking wet. This umbrella is compact enough to keep in your desk and very cute too.

SIX // Reuseable Water Bottle. This water bottle is a favorite of mine. Keeping a water bottle on your desk reminds you to keep sipping water all day which is great for you.

SEVEN // Snack. I always keep a stash of healthier pick-me-up snacks in my desk. My favorites include nuts, dried fruit, popcorn, and peanut butter.

EIGHT // Lint Roller. For everyone who has a cat or a dog this needs no explanation.

NINE // Makeup Bag Essentials. I like to keep deodorant, clear nail polish, blotting papers, lip balm, mascara, and hand cream at work.

TEN // Hair Ties. Usually at some point during a long day I need to get my hair pulled back out of my face.

ELEVEN // Hand Sanitizer. When someone gets sick at work you can count on it spreading like crazy. Hand sanitizer is a must to prevent getting sick. I like these towelettes that I also use to wipe down my phone and computer.

TWELVE // Basic First Aid Supplies. Everyone gets headaches especially when staring at a computer all day. I always keep some pain relievers at work and a stash of band-aids.

THIRTEEN // Toothbrush and Toothpaste. I cannot stand for my teeth to feel icky. Sometimes a toothbrush is just needed especially after my morning latte. I also keep mouthwash and floss in my desk too.

FOURTEEN // Mints. Helpful when you have a meeting right after lunch.

Are there any other essentials you think every woman should keep in their desk?

P.S. The top of your deserves some pretty office supplies.

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  1. i don't have a desk but i do have a nanny bag with a lot of these necessities in there! great choices.

  2. Great tips! Very useful!

  3. I'm pretty proud that I have almost all of these things in my desk! Just need to store a pair of flats there. :)

    Le Stylo Rouge

  4. I keep a lot of these things at my desk


  5. I love this post!! And it's in my favorite colors: pink & gold. Ever since my wedding...I think everything should be in pink & gold. hahaha

    I always keep tea bags and hand cream on my desk. I also always need some pictures of my Mushy to look at throughout the day.

  6. Definitely agree with flats and stain remover... especially the stain remover, I'm so clumsy! I always make sure I have a spare phone charger with me too, and tea bags. Just in case.

  7. These are very great essentials; the stain remover, lint roller and an umbrella are what I would need to add to my current essentials. Have a great weekend.

  8. Great list of everyday essentials! I don't have a desk but would so have all of these items if I did!


  9. Great tips! Thank you.


  10. yes to all of these! i've definitely had that awkward moment of having to ask a coworker for a tampon - not fun. and having healthy snacks in my desk is always important too!


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