What To Wear: Fall Uniform

fall uniform
what to wear: fall uniform
Field Jacket (love this $64 version too) / Striped Tee / Constellation Necklace / Beanie / Double Pearl Earrings / Fox iPhone Case / NARS Lipstick - Scarlet / Satchel / Jeans / Thin Ring Set / The Happiness Planner / Ankle Booties / Thermal Mug

I am one tired girl. I started off this week yesterday thinking that it was going to be a quieter week but it seems that I was wrong. I have been working nonstop for the last few weeks and I could really use a little downtime.

I have several days scheduled off in November and I cannot wait spend some lazy days enjoying fall before it zips past me and is gone. Above is a typical fall uniform for me. Flat ankle boots and a field jacket are fall essentials that I think every girl should own. I shared this iPhone case yesterday but I love how adorable the little fox is.

On another note have you started your Christmas shopping yet? So many people that I know have already began picking up gifts but I haven't had time to even start thinking about it. I suspect that I will wind up doing most of my shopping online the weekend after Thanksgiving.


  1. Just lovin' that thinking hat!!! SOOOOOO RAD!!! And those are the perfect jeans!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls


  2. Love the Happiness Planner :-) We are getting busy already with people who have started their Christmas shopping (don't forget to check us out Jess) xx


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