Christmas Pajamas

christmas eve pajamas
christmas eve pajamas
christmas pajamas
Classic Tartan Flannel Pajamas / Cotton Yeti Pajama Set (these are adorable!) / Dreamy Cotton Pajamas / Stella McCartney Pajamas / Cotton Textured Dot Sleep Set / Stripe Sleep Set / Medallion Pink Sateen Pajama Set / Sparkle Plaid Pajamas

I know so many people who have a Christmas tradition of the entire family receiving pajamas on Christmas Eve so they will have them to wear on Christmas morning. Does your family do this? Christmas pajamas isn't something my family ever did but I think it sounds wonderful. Buying or receiving new pajamas is always a special treat. I have rounded up a few great options above. My favorites are these classic tartan pajamas and these pajamas with adorable little yetis on them.


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