Baby It's Cold Outside

Burberry Wool Scarf - Yellow Scarf pop of sunshine - Kate Spade Plaid Scarf - Pom Pom Beanie love the color - Leopard Beanie - Checked Beanie - Quilted Gloves - Metallic Dot Gloves - Kate Spade Bow Gloves adorable

Baby It's Cold Outside
With Winter approaching and the cold weather settling in I have been thinking more about warmth. This occurs to me especially in the mornings when I am leaving home for work. The mornings have been dark, frosty, and cold. I have to leave the warmth of my home to go out and scrap the frost off my car so that I can go to work. This made me recently purchase a new coat, but I also need some cold weather accessories. I do not like to be hot, but I also do not like being cold. I have also been sick and having chills because of this, which makes me think about being warm even more.

I want it all- scarves, gloves, and hats. This scarf would be perfect because it would be warm and it's a cheery color. When it comes to gloves, I am more for neutrals. I don't wear gloves as often as I do scarves and hats, so I want my gloves to be more versatile and to match more of my other clothing items. So all three pairs above would be perfect for me. What are your thoughts?


  1. I so want a blanket scarf this year.


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