Release the Houndstooth

When I think of winter fashion I always think about houndstooth. The black and white houndstooth just doesn't seem to belong in other season to me. This classic and chic print is beautiful no matter what size the print it. I have to say that I am loving every single item I see in houndstooth. It could be a chic and sophisticated dress or a fun and flirty mini, this print is just beautiful. If you are not sure about the print, you can always start small. A houndstooth scarf or a pair of heels in the pair will make a statement on their own. I think I am loving coats in this print the most right at this moment. This print is great for wearing to work, for casual looks, and for going out on a date. What are your thoughts on the print? Do you have a favorite houndstooth item?

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  1. There's something so elegant about houndstooth -- I wish I owned more!

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  2. Houndstooth is so classic and really packs a punch.

  3. So gorgeous, love this pattern, on all things :)) Have a great day dolls xxx

  4. Houndstooth is such a fun pattern to wear.


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