Home Decor: Shades of Gray

Spending all of this time at home on snow days, really has me wishing I could do some home decorating. I have been looking at tons and tons of pictures online of some incredibly beautiful homes and rooms. I am the most interested in decorating bedrooms and living room areas. I go back and forth between wanting bright, bold colors like emerald green or turquoise and wanting relaxing neutrals like white or gray. In looking online I saw a lot of rooms in white and gray that looked so cozy. Any room in the house looks great in these colors. I am definitely thinking of a white and gray room in my dream home. What do you think? Do you like the color combination?

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  1. Our bedroom has grey walls, and white/grey/yellow bedding. I love the combination, it is so relaxing.

  2. Our master bathroom is grey, red and black. Livingroom is blue, black and white, Office is black and grey.


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