What To Wear: To Work On Valentine's Day

One of the few things I really love about my about job is that the work environment isn't as formal as what I typically expect for a law firm. I just do not know if I could handle having to go to work each day in black or navy matching suit pieces. I don't think court will be on my schedule for Valentine's Day so this week's #whattowear depicts very closely what I will be wearing to celebrate the day. I love the combination of pink and red. This pencil skirt which is great for the office is on sale for only $28. I plan on topping off my outfit with one of my Ban.do mini hearts to clearly demonstrate how festive I am.

What To Wear: To Work On Valentine's Day

Cardigan / Ban.do Mini Heart / Silk Peplum Top / Earrings / Heart Stack Ring / Mini Tote / Pumps / Pencil Skirt

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  1. These are gorgeous...I would feel odd working somewhere with suits and plain things, though I would find some way to jazz them up. I adore the cardigan!! xx

  2. I have to wear black, but I am going to have fun when I get home and put on pink pajamas!

  3. Oh this is stunning. Might even prepare my work clothes around this post for Valentine's Day. Thanks for the inspiration!

    Arum Lilea


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