Stylish for Less: Work-Wear Under $50

stylish for less work-wear under $50

Engraved Hoops - Crystal Collar Necklace beautiful statement necklace - Kate Spade Glitter Studs - Lily Printed Dress - Leather Satchel perfect satchel - Blue Rose Dress lovely print - Yellow Heels love the detail with the heel - Floral Midi Dress - Gladiator Block Sandals stunning shoes

Work has recently started back for me. My summer vacation ended last week from school. Teachers started work last Monday and the students started coming back on Thursday. With the start of work, I realize how much my work wardrobe is lacking. In the spring semester at school I quit buying anything for work, because at Christmas I have gotten some new things. Usually a few weeks before summer vacation ends I will go on a shopping splurge and buy some new things for work. This year I didn't get to do that because I was busy with a week long math training and then two weeks of going to college classes. So it has been a long time since I have made any new work related purchases- well work wardrobe related. I did buy a few new things for my classroom from Amazon.

I love all of the above items for a work wardrobe. They are all under $50 each. They are beautiful, feminine, and would cover you enough to be appropriate for work. These hoops are a steal at only $12 and could be worn with any outfit. I am absolutely in love with dress- the floral print is wonderful. While I find both of the heels above stunning, I know I couldn't wear them all day without my feet killing me. I have to be up on my feet too much to wear shoes like those all day. I could see myself wearing them and changing into flats half-way through the day though. What do you think about my picks?


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